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Spring 2014 Edition

The winter 2013 edition of General Aviation Security Magazine is out.  This edition is our special end-of-year holiday edition. We asked our authors to tell what they've seen as the biggest safety and security issues in general aviation in2013 and what they think is just over the horizon for 2014.  We welcome our latest contributor--South Africa flight instructor Neal McEwen.  Neal shares his thoughts on safety and security from the southern tip of Africa.  Planners for the Moccasin Flying Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee's latest ramp party share the lessons learned from their latest effort to build community awareness and support for general aviation.  And we have many, many more great articles.

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Aviation Risk Assessment
The foundation of any aviation security program
Objective results, not subjective speculation, that's what Planehook provides our clients. We take a systems engineering approach to risk assessments. The results...assessments that help our clients see where they can get the most security per dollar spent. This professional approach to security helps our clients justify to their corporate boards and shareholders, county/parish commissioners, city councils, and airport boards why any funds should be used for security.How does Planehook do this? We provide objective risk assessments by accomplishing for our clients...
  • Asset consequence analysis
  • Threat and tactics analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis

Combining the results of these three analyses into an overall risk assessment provides our clients with a clear picture of... 

  • What assets of consequence are at greatest risk
  • From whom or what these assets are at risk
  • What are the exploitable vulnerabilities of these assets
Using this approach Planehook creates a clear, objective assessment of the aviation risk. This approach in turn aids our clients in creating the Return-on-Investment justification for spending ANY funds for security. That's good, objective business.
It's how we help our clients keep their
security costs contained.

On final

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We Are Ready To Help You!
What keeps you awake at night?
  • People backing their cars into airplanes?
  • Radio stacks that disappear from airplanes?
  • Excessive regulations and interference?
  • Airplane theft?
  • Fuel theft?
Let us help you with practical security solutions.
Improving your security and still keeping your airport a friendly place where clients choose to return is what we do.
We are ready to help you.


We support those who support our General Aviation Community.

Flighttime Radio--Broadcast every Saturday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on WBOB AM 600 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Here's the link to Milford and Charlie's website:  FlighttimeRadio.com

Flying Down Under--Broadcast every 2 weeks on Flighttime Radio.  Grant, Steve and their guests tell us about flying in Australia.

Plane Crazy Down Under--Looking at the world of aviation from an Australia / Pacific point of view.  Check out Steve and Grant's podcasts.

Alan Armstrong, Aviation Attorney at Law--Chair of the Aviation Section of the State Bar of Georgia.  To access the library of his Flightwatch newsletter Click Here.

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